Hydroponics Systems


Hydroponics Systems

NFT System

NFT is a hydroponic technique where the shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants through watertight channels.


A-Frame is a vertical Hydroponics setup in the form of alphabet A. This system maximizes the capacity of the harvest & is usually set up at the small spaces like terrace, balconies, & backyards. It can be set up in a space as small as 25 sq. ft. & to a bigger space where it can be customized.

Flat Bed

This system works best for the plants that have small roots systems & have quick growth, like leafy greens. It is popular for both the home Hydroponics set-up & commercial Hydroponics set-up. The reason for its prevalence is all because of its fairly simple design and easy to install procedures.

Dutch Bucket System

The Dutch Bucket plant production system can easily accommodate several large fruit plants that you can grow in the greenhouse for a few months up to a year. Grow Bags are ideal for commercial nurseries, greenhouses as well as home gardens and works well with drip irrigation system.

Vertical Tower System

In Vertical Tower Hydroponics Systems, the frame is set vertically in gravity-fed system design. Water circulation systems are also designed in such a way that water is supplied from the top and gets accumulated at the bottom. According to the different requirements of the project, this design can also be modified.

While choosing a perfect Hydroponics System, you should remember to consider the type of plants you are growing, the amount of space you have & how much customizing you would like to do as all the above systems work perfectly.

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