In Hydroponics Irrigation is not all about the water circulation, it’s a new science. While developing a Hydroponics structure, water circulation systems are designed by taking into consideration space & other physical dimensions that may affect the setup.

Furthermore, the fittings used for the installation of these systems are also very vital, we have always given exceptional attention to the quality of fittings that are used for the water circulation systems at all of our well-established plants. These fittings are chosen based on the crops that are to be grown over there & their specific scientific principles. After all, quality is the core of our mission.

For the crops to thrive, designing an efficient water circulation system is mandatory because the flow of nutrient mix water is the only source of nourishment for the Hydroponics crops. The tank capacity for drawing water is also very important we find the right amount of water that needs to be drawn from the reservoir into the tanks that ultimately supply the water to the circulation system.

As for the humidity & ventilation, we put on special focus on the use of superior quality foggers for maintaining standard humidity for the plants.

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