Development of Polyhouse Structure


Development of Polyhouse Structure

We at Rise Hydroponics administers on providing a safe environment setup, where we focus on the safekeeping of the crops in customized polyhouses. We aim our attention on details & have setup many polyhouses’ that can withstand high wind speed, water supply, humidity control, and perfect ventilation conditions.

Time & again, we have demonstrated our competence by installing a cost-efficient yet strong Polyhouse setup at multiple climatic zones that fit within your budget.

Designing a Polyhouse structure mainly depends on your selection of equipment that abides by your norms.

Magics are in Details

There are several grade designs available in the market that suits different Hydroponics plants requirement. You can choose either of the two: Basic Grade Design or Customized Grade Design.

We focus on the smallest of details like using GI pipes of varying thickness and polythene of varying tensile strength in the customized Polyhouse structure, as per your requirements, so that they can withstand multiple climatic zones as well as your budget.

We Create Sustainable Future.